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Casual outfits | Summer

Cute and neat maxi skirts

Fancy maxi skirt

It’s not a secret that long to the floor dress can be even sexier than a mini skirt or tiny shorts. A lot of girls realized the attraction of a bit covered up beauty and now they found thousands of outfits with long dresses and skirts to the floor. This season made maxi skirts and dresses extremely popular. Let’s take a look to the most famous summer outfits. Long skirts can be greatly worn at summer because of the feathery fabrics used for them. Those skirts are usually very light so you won’t feel hot or uncomfortable even in a very sunny day. There are several top models of the skirts popular in this season. The most wide-known is the long pleated skirt. The best smatch for this skirt is simple shirt with no extra features, straight jacket and flat shoes. This outfit is very laconic and neat and it don’t need too much of make-up or hard hair dressing to suit the look. So it’s a great choice for girls who desire to make fast but fancy look.

Jeans Maxi skirt

Short and cute t-shirt with funny print can be greatly worn with a long and wide skirt that is not pleated. You can also try some neat shirts of light colors.

zesty yellow summer maxi skirt

Talking about colors you should also take in account that today it’s very easy to find the long skirt in any bright color, so the item choice bordered just with your fantasy and sense of taste. And when you’re already took the shirt of fire orange, zesty yellow or deep green you should then get the idea of color matching with other parts of your outfit so not to look overloaded. So if your maxi skirt is made in one of crazy bright colors you can smooth your look with some pastel color shirts and jackets. Try not to wear all the clothes pieces of different colors with exception if your outfit is made under the rules of colorblocking and you know exactly how to combine the extremely bright and not to look foolish.


If your skirt is tight and made exactly for your body shape you should wear some wide blouses, not too long asymmetric tops, strict classical jackets with sleeves or even sleeveless. This outfit fits greatly for a business casual wear, so it’s a nice choice for girls who look for some trendy ideas of office wear in this season. One more great option in this season – white and wide long skirts with geometric and asymmetric prints. Those skirts look gorgeous with simple tiny shirts or tops. You can take the pair of cute slippers and a huge bag – this outfit is a play of contrasts, so don’t be afraid to make your move and you’ll definitely win.

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